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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What is Hugo's handicap?

Some news from Venezuela.

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - The government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who has promised a socialist revolution for the poor, on Wednesday criticized an ally's move to seize two golf courses to build affordable housing.

Venezuelan Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel said the "national government does not agree with" the move by Caracas Mayor Juan Barreto, a Chavez loyalist, to take over the golf courses and two plots of land for the low-income housing plan.

Chavez, a former paratrooper who has promised a revolution to end poverty in the world's No. 5 oil exporter, has harshly criticized wealthy Venezuelans for their lavish lifestyles.


Barreto had issued decrees calling for the "forced acquisition" of two golf courses in neighbourhoods of Caracas, Venezuela's capital.

Critics said Barreto had not adequately demonstrated the city's intentions for the land as legally required in expropriation cases.
Since it is inconsistent with his other policies and beliefs, one has to guess Chavez likes to play golf.

Since he's either a Socialist or Communist, I bet Hugo Chavez hits the ball with a decided draw. Watch out for those duck hooks the next time you visit Caracas.

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