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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Video camera and tape = Drugs

Here is the latest news from the Knucklehead Nashua New Hampshire Police Department and their treatment of Michael Gannon.

NASHUA – Police Detective Andrew Karlis will be disciplined for discourteous behavior toward Michael Gannon and Police Chief Timothy Hefferan has decided to drop the felony wiretapping charges against Gannon, Hefferan announced yesterday.

Hefferan declined comment on the disciplinary action against Karlis after Gannon logged a complaint for "rude and discourteous behavior" when investigating Gannon's 15-year-old for an alleged mugging.

The police arrested Gannon, 39, of 26 Morgan St., on June 27 on two felony wiretapping charges, accusing him of using his home security system to record conversations that detectives had on his porch when investigating his son.

Police prosecutors offered Gannon a deal last week to drop the felonies if he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of tampering with one of the videotapes, according to Gannon.

Gannon turned the deal down, and prosecutors dropped the felonies saying that they would send the case to the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office for further prosecution, Hefferan said.
That's great for Mr. Gannon. However the department is just as dumb and corrupt as ever. Personified by this-

Hefferan said Gannon would not be able to recoup any of the videotapes or any of the recording equipment that police confiscated during their investigation.

"That material is still illegal. It would be like returning drugs to somebody because you can't prove it. Plus, you'd have to have the consent of those involved and Detective Karlis has not consented.
Police Chief Timothy Hefferan is either the biggest fool in the state of New Hampshire for in no way illegal drugs and video equipment can be compared, or he is a corrupt dishonest policeman on the take who wants a payoff before giving Michael Gannon back what is rightly his.

So what are you Police Chief Timothy Hefferan?

Just one more example of a legal and law enforcement system in this country that are either idiots, corrupt or believe themselves above the law. Be careful Nashua Police, for the people of your city may take back their rights and city by force that you think you can take away at a whim.

Hat tip- Jay at Wizbang
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