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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Clueless in Palm Beach

From the Palm Beach Daily News

Island resident Bruce Taylor of Palm Beach Computer Consultants, president of the Rotary Club and another member who visited Cuba, suggested to the board Tuesday "in jest" that the group plan a return trip, "the minute it opens up, because wouldn't it be great to be the first Rotary Club to sponsor a revisit?"

Levity aside, Taylor said, "This is amazing news, even though everyone has expected something like this. But Raul does not have the same clout internationally. The question is, what would happen in the long run? If Raul takes over, would there be an uprising?"

He said that if Fidel Castro is "permanently incapacitated, some type of working relationship would open up with the United States, and Americans could travel there freely." Only crystal-ball gazers could predict when, he said, "but it would be a relatively short time."

The impact on Florida tourism would be negative at first, Taylor predicted, because millions of Americans who have never seen Cuba would "go to Havana instead of Disney World."
LMAO! Tourists trading Florida for Cuba? Rick at SOTP has a pictorial essay. I don't see many people trading a visit to Disney World to see slums either. Cuba may have some great beaches. What else is there to take the family to?

TFM's prediction- I don't see tourism to Cuba being more than a blip before I qualify for social security. That's assuming Castro and communism fall in Cuba within the next 10 years. I wouldn't place any wagers on it. Cuba is just as likely to trade one form of dictatorship for another as it is for democracy to take over. Look at much of the former Soviet bloc today. Is Russia under Putin that free?

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