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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Palm Beach Post got the memo!

From today's paper. This article was about DCF workers who may have lied in order to get emergency food stamps.

The Post's investigation on those who could be identified found that dozens of workers with access to applicants' personal information had records of financial crimes, including organized fraud, public-assistance fraud and identity theft. DCF officials say they plan to require background screens on employees before the next disaster aid program.

A separate report by the DCF inspector general also suggested better training for the temporary workers hired to take and screen applications.

After Hurricane Wilma, many of the workers gathered in large groups for training. Some of the instructors didn't have microphones, and not all workers could hear instructions, the report said.

Other problems included 36,700 payment cards that arrived several weeks late because of a mistake at JPMorgan EFS, which programmed the cards for the state.

It took the Post 8 months to report what I blogged about here last December. Here's a story from last month the Post didn't bother to report. Doesn't it make Cox Newspapers feel giddy they got scooped by a middle aged man with no journalistic background.

The Palm Beach Post and its reporter Kathleen Chapman. Just two more in a long line of journalistic frauds.

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