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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Poker or golf?

From Golf World-

Paul Azinger was among several celebrities/athletes competing at the World Series of Poker. The hitch: He also was supposed to be competing at the U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee.

When Azinger withdrew from the golf event two weeks ago and eventually was seen in Las Vegas, some questioned just why he left in the first place.

Reached by Golf World, Azinger says the WD was because he learned his father had taken ill and needed surgery. But the surgery was postponed, and since Azinger couldn't return to Milwaukee, he headed for the tables -- with Dad's blessing.

Azinger eventually went out in Vegas after 14 hours.
I don't believe Azinger. For I have strong reason to believe he is the golfer in question here in 1993.

One of the best golfers on the PGA Tour today is a renowned cheater. This is not the opinion of an eagle-eyed member of his gallery or of some vigilant living room detective who pores over the television broadcasts with a rule book and a jeweler's loupe. It is the view of enough of his comrades to constitute a quorum. On their short lists of the untrustworthy, he is invariably featured. Some international players tend to lead the register with his name. Of course it is a sealed indictment.
Accusations at the Ryder Cup in 1989 and 1991. A couple of DQ's, one at Doral where Azinger was seen grounding his club in a hazard. You make up your mind who to believe.

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