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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

But who's counting

News out of the Middle East

JERUSALEM - Hezbollah guerrillas fired more 100 rockets at Israeli towns on Wednesday — raising the total since the start of the conflict to 3,333 — including several medium-range missiles that landed near the West Bank town of Jenin and south of the Israeli city of Afula, police said.

I imagine someone with a chalk board and eraser keeping count somewhere. Is anyone else thinking the same thing?

Something tells me that Hizbollah don't care if they kill their fellow Arabs. Then that should not be surprising.

The US shouldn't be concerning themselves with cease fire agreements that won't work. Instead we should be cutting off Hizbollah from whomever is arming them. That will certainly stop the fighting but be more difficult than drawing up a meaningless piece of paper.

James Joyner at OTB is also blogging on this news.
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