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Friday, August 04, 2006

On their death beds

First there is Tropical Storm Depression Chris.

Downgraded to a tropical depression, Chris stumbled through the southeastern Bahamas and toward Cuba today.

Forecasters said it could redevelop into a tropical storm and deliver modest rain to South Florida on Sunday as it passes to the south -- but it posed no serious danger.


Hurricane forecasters said hostile crosswinds continued to tear at the system. Those winds could diminish, the forecasters said, but most computerized models suggested that they would essentially destroy Chris within a few days.
So Chris appears to be no threat so far as South Florida is concerned. We could use some rain however.

Then there is this news from Cuba.

In a statement attributed to Fidel Castro that has only fuelled the rumours surrounding his health, the Cuban leader said that his medical condition was a "state secret" and that it would require the "passage of time" to assess his recovery.

He added that he was feeling "fairly well", according to the words read on his behalf by a state television presenter.

"I cannot invent good news, because that wouldn't be ethical. And if the news were bad, the only one to benefit is the enemy," he said in his statement.

"I wish to say that the situation is stable, but a real evolution of the state of one's health requires the passing of time. The most I could say is that the situation will remain stable for many days before a verdict can be delivered."

The fact that their notoriously verbose president, who hates to delegate even the smallest detail, was unable to make the announcement in person has not been lost on the Cuban people.
This story continues to feed the conjecture of how is Fidel and where is his brother Raul? TFM has nothing original to add except this.

What do Communists who don't believe in God contemplate as death becomes imminent?

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