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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Little things

Here is the most recent Howard Gary news.

MIAMI -- Ten years ago, Howard V. Gary's political career was tainted by his connection to a kickback scheme. Now he has learned he won't be allowed to pursue a seat on the county commission, but it's not because of his past.

Gary had filed to run for the District 3 seat on the Miami-Dade County commission. The Miami-Dade County Office of the Inspector General reported receiving a sworn statement that challenged Gary's qualifications to run for a county commission seat.

Monday, the OIG said that an investigation found Gary ineligible to enter the election or to hold office since he is not a qualified elector -- not a registered voter -- in Miami-Dade County.

Last month I called Howard Gary South Florida's version of Marion Barry. A corrupt former politician who was trying to stage a comeback. TFM now admits he was wrong in that comparison.

Marion Barry at least knew to register to vote.

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