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Monday, August 07, 2006

Florida the rules are different here Chapter XL

That's forty(XL in Roman numerals) for you keeping track at home.

Chair hurling at political debates. Politics is a contact sport down here. Don't you just love Florida.

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TAMPA - A Jerry Springer moment hit community television this weekend when a chair was hurled at Joe Redner.

Redner and Tony Katz have exchanged verbal jabs before on "The Bleepin Truth," a political debate show that airs on Tampa Bay Community Network. But their mutual dislike for each other turned physical Saturday when Katz threw a high stool chair at Redner.

The chair hit Redner on his back, forearm and head.

"That is assault!" Redner yelled repeatedly.

The whole thing was caught live on TV.

"I was kind of just stunned," said Redner, a Democrat who is running for a Hillsborough commission seat.

Sunday night, Redner said he was sore and had some swelling on his arm and head.

Katz, a Republican and host of an Internet talk show, could not be reached for comment late Sunday.

Host Chris Krimitsos said the men dislike each other so much that they won't talk to each other after the show. They just walk separate ways.

Redner and Katz debated two other times without incident. But the third time, "they started needling each other on," Krimitsos said.

The men became heated when they started discussing Israel. They later exchanged personal attacks against each other.

Katz called Redner a liar. Redner called him fat.

Redner thinks that's what precipitated the chair throwing. Krimitsos thinks it's more than that.

"Don't think it's from that petty stuff," Krimitsos said. "It's all politics."

Redner says he won't press charges or pursue legal action. "I kind of got a forgiving nature," Redner said. "He's not worth being bothered about."

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