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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Help wanted- Blogger needed for campaign

Senator George Allen is reportedly looking for a blogger to help his campaign.

Burned by a blog-induced firestorm over an an off-hand comment at a campaign rally, Sen. George Allen's campaign is seeking a conservative blog maven who can blunt future attacks and help rally conservatives in the state and elsewhere behind Allen's campaign.


According to an e-mail circulating among conservatives, Chris LaCivita, Allen's longtime strategist, and other Allen aides believe that the campaign has so far failed to appreciate the generative role that bloggers can play -- and the consequences that pertain when the GOP Netroots aren't mobilizied on behalf of candidates.

LaCivita is looking for a prominent conservative online strategist to join the campaign's staff. Chad Dotson, a Virginia prosecutor who blogs as Commonwealth Conservative, is helping LaCivita with the recruitment effort. Since Dotson is an elected official and is soon up for re-election, it's unlikely that he'd be cleared to join the campaign as a paid staff member.
What do you think of the blog name, The Virgin Masochist? Time for sarcastic laughter.

I seriously doubt Allen would be interested in this blogger. A blogger to get out a candidate's message seems like an idea. Though I still wonder if blogging will be a passing fad. Will people in 30 years look back at blogging like people do today when they remember pet rocks?

Oh and the Commonwealth Conservative may be summed up in this post. Either Chad Dotson is more sarcastic than I, dumb as a pet rock, or doesn't get out much. I'll let you decide.

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