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Friday, August 11, 2006

Give this man an enema Chapter II

The Ft. Myers marching band is back in the news again.

Thursday's foiled terrorist scheme in Britain hit a little too close to home for Fort Myers High's marching band.

In less than five months, 132 students and 70 family members will hop aboard trans-Atlantic flights to London, where the band will march in the city's New Year's Day parade.

London-to-U.S. flights were the bombers' targets.

Sophomore Joey Kelley watched the news before school Thursday, but says the arrests of 24 suspected terrorists makes him feel even more comfortable knowing they're off the streets.

"I'm not afraid of that," Kelley said. "They caught them all."

The uncovered plot renews last spring's controversy about whether students would be safe traveling internationally. Lee County Superintendent James Browder initially denied the band's request and, to this day, warns that safety isn't guaranteed on foreign soil.

Browder affirmed that he still supports the will of parents, but said the plot laid out by British investigators is the exact scenario he dreaded.

"My concern is about terrorism — we are at war," Browder said. "I have never come off my concerns. I'll be praying real hard that nothing happens."

Browder added that The News-Press should be praying for the band's safety, too, because he will hold the newspaper partly accountable if student safety is compromised. Stories that initially appeared in The News-Press created the international firestorm that ultimately led school board members to overrule Browder, letting parents make the final decision.

Band parents hashed out their safety concerns back in March, and they were unfazed at a potluck dinner and band booster meeting on Thursday night.

"Onward ho," said booster president Lorna Kibbey. "We can't sit here and be afraid because of the threat."

So far, Fort Myers has issued two payments to the London parade totaling $100,000, and another payment is due next month. The band's contract has an opt-out clause that allows for a refund of all unspent dollars if Fort Myers cancels the trip due to a major world incident.
The parents of the band members need to assess security concerns. If they feel unsafe, then call off the trip. My own opinion is worries over terrorism are overblown. Band members are more likely to be killed in an auto accident miles from home. Do we stop driving then? That said, I will not criticize the parents if they changed their minds. Its their decision.

As to Superintendent Browder, he's still a knucklehead. The Ft. Myers News-Press, the rest of the media or people like myself are not responsible for any terrorists. We just pointed out how big an idiot this school administrator is. The parents not he were the ones who should make the decision, then and now. Browder is just embarassed by his own stupidity. Keep it up Superintentdent, maybe the people of Lee County will say enough is enough and tell you to take a hike.

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