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Friday, August 25, 2006

Congratulations Jessica Lynch

From the Charleston Daily Mail

She and her boyfriend Wes Robinson are expecting their first child in January, her publicist, Aly Goodwin Gregg, announced today.

"I was not sure if this could ever happen for me after all of the injuries and physical trauma I suffered,'' Lynch, 23, said in a prepared statement. "Learning to walk again and coping with the internal injuries that I still deal with, pale in comparison to the tremendous joy of carrying this child.''

Robinson and Lynch met through family friends. He lives in Vienna and works at a manufacturing plant.


The Army supply clerk's 507th Army Maintenance Company convoy was in the Iraqi town of Nasiriyah on March 23, 2003, when it took a wrong turn and was attacked. Eleven American soldiers were killed and six were captured, including Lynch.

Lynch suffered two spinal fractures, nerve damage and a shattered right arm, right foot and left leg when her Humvee crashed during the firefight. According to medical records cited in her biography, she was also sodomized.

Her videotaped rescue from Saddam Hospital by U.S. special forces nine days later transformed the soft-spoken woman into a hero at a time the U.S. war effort seemed bogged down. It also stirred complaints of U.S. government media manipulation.

She returned to West Virginia after her release from a military hospital and was briefly engaged to Army Sgt. Ruben Contreras Jr.

Lynch joined the Army at 18 to earn money to attend college. The state offered her free tuition to West Virginia University. She recently announced she was transferring from WVU's main campus to the Parkersburg campus closer to home.
The baby sounds like a true miracle after the injuries Jessica suffered. Good luck to both mother and child and God bless them.

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