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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bad timing Jim

Congressman, Knucklehead winner and gubenatorial hopeful Jim Davis sent a campaign email out on Tuesday.

TALLAHASSEE - A campaign e-mail sent out by U.S. Rep. Jim Davis the day before Tropical Storm Alberto came ashore in Florida was a "stupid" attempt to politicize the storm, Gov. Jeb Bush said Wednesday.

Davis sent an e-mail to supporters with the subject line "Alberto is here. Are we ready?" It criticized how Republicans have handled rising insurance rates and spoke of his own ideas on the subject as he seeks the Democratic nomination for governor.

"It's time to make a change. It's time for a governor who will use the resources and authority of the state's highest office to be an advocate for policyholders and make sure their rights are protected," Davis said in the e-mail.

Bush, who can't seek re-election because of term limits, said it was inappropriate to send the e-mail when a large part of the state's gulf coast was under a hurricane watch.

"I hope candidate Davis, if he was to be privileged to serve in the job that I have, I hope he would realize what a stupid statement that is. The day before a hurricane arrives on our shores is not the time to be talking about politics, it's the time to get prepared," Bush said after a news conference to release school grades.

Bush later added, "His ambitions seems to get in the way of common sense on a regular basis."

The Davis campaign said Bush's criticism is simply a sign that Davis is the front-runner in the Democratic primary.
I'm not a fan of Davis, but that pretty much goes for all of this year's gubenatorial candidates in Florida. The timing of the email was poor with a hurricane coming. As to insurance rates, Bush is open to criticism. I just don't know what he or the legislature can do about it. Too many hurricanes have made insurers gun shy about Florida. No one can force them to do business here either. The insurers can't continue to take losses, so they hike rates. Another reason rates are up, is the cost to replace homes are up because the real estate market skyrocketed. The cost of replacing my home has nearly tripled. So has my homeowner's insurance.

Davis is being a demagogue. Maybe even a Knucklehead, but he is one already. He should think in the future before campaigning or emailing. The last thing anyone in the path of a hurricane is thinking about is who they want to be the next governor. Davis you may have done more harm than good.

Note- I'd criticize a Republican too for their bad timing if they did what Davis did.

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