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Friday, June 16, 2006

Around and around we go

FEMA announced today they are cutting back on cash to disaster victims. This in response to a recent report of Katrina fraud.

WASHINGTON -- FEMA is cutting back on the amount of cash it will give to future disaster victims in a nod to the rampant fraud that followed last year's hurricanes.

Instead of using debit cards worth $2,000, FEMA Director R. David Paulison said Friday, victims will only be able to withdraw about $500 for food, clothing, shelter and transportation costs.

At least 7,000 people signed up for the Federal Emergency Management Agency debit cards last year after hurricanes Katrina and Rita ransacked the Gulf Coast. Recipients got a card and a PIN number that could be used at ordinary cash machines to withdraw money.


He said FEMA has a new identity verification system in place for this year's storm season that will help ensure the cards are issued to victims and not people trying to cash in on a disaster.

``That's going to really get a major handle on the fraud issue _ as far as how much money do we give out, and who we give it to,'' Paulison said.


FEMA hastily scrapped the debit cards program two days after it began distributing them to ΒΌ victims at the Astrodome and other shelters in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, where many emigrated after the storm. At the time, FEMA officials said they believed they could get cash to victims faster through direct bank account deposits.

Paulison, who was not at FEMA during the debit card debacle, said the program ``was something that FEMA had very, very rarely ever done.''

``And when we did it, it was on a much, much smaller scale,'' he said.
I blogged about the FEMA fraud earlier in this blog post. Now my observations.

1- FEMA's announcement comes as no surprise. Needless to say the money wasted is gone and I doubt much of it will be recovered. Prosecuting those fraudsters is necessary, of course that will cost even more money.
2- This policy will last till the next disaster. Then the MSM will bring on some example of a family in need and how stingy FEMA is. The agency will then change its policy again.
3- Days or months later reports the MSM fraud after the most recent disaster. Headlines will say how many billions were wasted. Editorials will be written.
4- FEMA will again cut payouts to disaster victims.
5- Another disaster happens.......

This is a never ending merry-go-round. How the hell do we get off?

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