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Friday, April 28, 2006

What is the rush?

Some news out of today's Miami Herald.

Since Hurricane Andrew destroyed the commissary at the former Homestead Air Force Base, active and retired military in South Florida have campaigned for a replacement.

After years of lobbying, their efforts may be getting closer to a resolution.

It is certainly taking long enough. Hurricane Andrew struck in 1992!

The Commissary Operating Board, made up of three lieutenant generals, is scheduled to meet May 8 at the Pentagon to decide whether a Department of Defense commissary will be built in South Florida. The commissary would be part of a new headquarters for the U.S. Southern Command in Doral.

Paul Kruger, a retired Army soldier, is one of several people locally urging others to persuade their congressional representatives to support the commissary.


``It's very expensive to live here. The commissary is a big boost for struggling military families.''

Kruger says that research has shown there are about 30,000 eligible customers in South Florida, including active and retired military, plus National Guard reservists called to active duty or military widows.

Right now the closest commissary they can visit is in Key West or near Cocoa Beach.

I'm guessing those are Patrick AFB and Key West NAS. There is over 300 miles of South Florida in between and what 3-4 million people living it?


The commissary would be part of a new 630,000-square-foot headquarters for SouthCom that already has been approved by the Department of Defense yet still needs approval from Congress. Plans also call for a fitness center, medical offices and food court, with a move-in date set for sometime in 2010.

That'll be 18 years since Homestead was closed.

It's just disgraceful how our veterans and even active-duty soldiers are treated much of the time. None of the military bureaucracy cares in DC. Mostly because they hoard the best for themselves.

We owe the people who are serving our country today and in the past better than this.

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