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Friday, December 23, 2005

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is the Palm Beach Post editorial board. They get it for their editorial today which reaches an all-time low for a paper that regularly wins knuckleheads or just wants to make you laugh at the inane things written on the editorial page.

In an editorial titled House on immigration: Pandering, not reform the Post writes-

Samaritans who donate to farmworker charities, landlords who rent to foreigners and parents who give migrant schoolkids a ride home may be promoting criminal activity if the U.S. House gets its way on immigration "reform."

The Post starts off with scaremongering. We don't even keep illegal aliens in jail when they're arrested. So this first paragraph is ludicrus. By the way I agree somewhat with editorial's title. The house was pandering to a degree, particularly when it comes to birthright citizenship.

We're not done yet. What really gets the Post the Knucklehead is the following.

Last week, lawmakers passed a border protection bill that contained no rational plan for dealing with the 11 million undocumented people already in the country. The Republican leadership's solution is to make all of them felons. Under the legislation, people living here illegally no longer would be in violation of civil immigration law; they would be committing a federal crime.

The Post fails to tell that a person who enters the country illegally has committed a felony! Randy Schultz and company know this, they are omitting this very fact from their editorial. In other words the Post is lying.

Does the Post know what's going on down in Miami right now? I've shown in the past the tunnel vision shown by Post columnists, not knowing what was going on forty miles to our south.

At the moment a serial rapist is on the loose having escaped prison there. The man was being held on charges of raping women between their teens and seventies. Reynaldo Elias Rapalo had been arrested before but charges were dropped because victims would not testify.

Mr. Rapalo is an illegal alien. If we would have prosecuted him for this, he would have been deported. Instead he was release to harm more women. And the sick minds at the Post think this is what should be done with illegals who get picked up by the law. Because of warped rules that don't anyone but federal officials ask about someone's residency status. The world is upside down as is the Post. For it innocent women get to suffer.

ren in its system and they should. But they support releasing a man who was charged with rape of a child but wasn't prosecuted. Both are wrong but Ideology wins over common sense at the Post editorial board. But its sick that when a political belief justifies not protecting society from madmen like Rapolo.

The rest of the Post editorial is little better and the less said the better. For being sick hypocritical liars, the Palm Beach Post editorial board is today's Knucklehead of the day.

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