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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Goes to John Glandon. This hapless and knucklehead thief stole a bottle of perfume from a department store. He was then chased by store security till Mr. Glandon jumped into the frigid waters of a nearby creek. Swimming across the creek he re-emerged and headed straight to some baseball fields. Where the Medford City police K-9 unit was conducting some training!

Mr. John Glandon you are a priceless Knucklehead of the day.

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Note- This is the last knucklehead candidate for our 2005 Knucklehead of the year award. Me and four other bloggers will be picking candidates for the year end award. Tomorrow I will be sending out the ballots.

MEDFORD, Ore. — From the opening act to the in-hot-pursuit chase to the grand finale with a twist, the Three Stooges couldn't have choreographed a foiled shoplifting attempt in Medford any better.

It began Thursday when a Fred Meyer worker spotted a man snatching a $41.99 bottle of Calvin Klein perfume from a shelf, stuffing the bottle down the front of his pants and trying to leave the store, Medford police Lt. Mike Moran said.

Security personnel caught up with the man, identified as John Glandon, 33, of Phoenix, but he fled toward Bear Creek, eventually jumping into the frigid waters.

When Glandon emerged from Bear Creek, he made for some baseball fields — which just happened to be the training ground for the Medford police department's K-9 units.

Police dogs Tiko and Rudy, along with their handlers, were honing their crime-fighting skills during one of their weekly training sessions at the fields when Glandon took refuge in bushes nearby.

The dogs found Glandon almost immediately. He surrendered and was arrested on charges of theft, harassment and a parole violation.

Glandon was lodged in the Jackson County Jail without bail, Moran said.

The perfume wasn't recovered. Moran thinks it may still be in Bear Creek.

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