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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A circus but don't forget Tiffany Eunick

I blogged about Lionel Tate last Sunday. There has been news in his case.

1- In court Monday, Tate claimed he had voices in his head telling him to commit suicide. Judge Lazarus then ordered a competency hearing for the young defendant.

2- Yesterday it was announced that lawyer Ellis Rubin would be taking over Tate's defense at the boy's and his mother's request.

Rubin has had a colorful history over the last 30 years. Taking high profile cases or coming up with bizarre defense strategies. Like-

*- In 1977 he defended Ronny Zamora who was accused of first degree murder. The defense for Zamora- Television intoxication. The teenager watched too many television cop shows.

It didn't work and Zamora spent 27 years in prison.

*- In 1991 Rubin defended Kathy Willets the wife of a law enforcement officer on prositution charges. The defense for Willets- She was a nymphomaniac. Willets was convicted along with her husband.

Side note- I joked back in 1991 that when Willets got out of jail she was going to take a retreat for spirtual renewal. To the Virgin Islands. Ok I shouldn't give up my day job.

There have been other cases. But Rubin to me has always seemed to be interested in publicity. I think its the same here in the Tate case. Lionel's mother showed bad judgment before when she turned down a plea bargain that would have seen her son not serve jail time but time in a juvenile facility.

Rubin's handling of the Tate case is not without its drama already. He and Judge Lazarus have a history dating back to the Willets case. Rubin will be asking for Lazarus to step down which in my opinion based on the facts, the judge has no other choice in the matter.

Will that help Tate? I sincerely doubt it. The charges he faces mean the young man's probation will be revoked and the sentence re-imposed. Life in prison. Rubin is not likely to change that outcome, just make a judicial circus of Tate's re-sentencing. When it is all done and over with, one thing should happen.

Tiffany Eunick should finally get justice. She is the real victim in this case.

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