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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Safe landing in LA but one question remains

If you lived in the US yesterday and had your television on, you had to have seen the unfolding drama of the Jetblue plane in California that had landing gear problems. After three hours of circling, the airbus made a safe landing. Kudos to the Captain and his crew for their great work.

A couple of comments.

*- MSNBC had commentary from United Captain Haynes. He was the pilot in the miracle landing at Sioux City Iowa in 1989 of a disabled DC 10.

*- Blogger AussieGirl at Ultima Thule thinks the news coverage particularly by Fox was excessive. To quote- What pathetic pap masquerading as news!

*- Leopold Stotch at OTB commends the pilot with a post titled. Bravo Ted Striker. If you don't know, Leopold was referencing the comedy classic, Airplane! It's a great analogy but it leaves the one question I mention this post's title. Among all the rescue vehicles that came to Jet Blue's help-

Where was the beer truck?

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