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Friday, September 23, 2005

Random Sports notes

Here we go.

*- Dontrelle Willis won his 22nd game of the year last night. He along with the Cardinal's Chris Carpenter are the leading candidates for this year's National League Cy Young award.

Willis is 22-9, Carpenter 21-4. I predict Carpenter gets it. Voters don't look much past winning percentages with win totals so alike. Willis does pitch in one of baseball's best pitcher's parks too, so the award would probably be justified.

The Marlins chances of getting a wild-card birth appear slim. Wait till next year.

*- Could we be in for baseball history thanks to the Chicago White Sox? After last night's loss the team's lead in the AL Central dropped to 1.5 games over the Cleveland Indians. On August first the Chisox were up by 15.

This would be a record collapse if Chicago doesn't hold on. The 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers blew a 13.5 game lead. History doesn't bode well for the White Sox. They have only been to 1 World Series since 1920. This streak started the year after they threw one to the Cincinnatti Reds.

*- The President's cup matches between the US and the rest of the World(Not including Europe) have started in Virginia. Without Ernie Els, I see the US winning 16-12.

Think I will be watching it this weekend? Nope, I have no interest. That probably surprises you considering my interest in similar golf matches. Former President's Cup matches have failed to move me and this hasn't either.

I find this weekend's Texas Open more interesting. Can Robert Gamez win for the first time in 15 years?

*- Past Knucklehead winner and 2005 US Women's Golf Open champ Birdie Kim finally paid the money she owed her caddie.

*- The Dolphins sold out their home game for Sunday versus Carolina. Coming off a 4-12 season Miami has been having problems with their games selling out. The team has had a history of this, their last two home playoff games didn't sell out either and therefore were blacked out locally.

My prediction for Sunday- Miami loses again, this time to Carolina. Final score 21-10.

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