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Commentary, sarcasm and snide remarks from a Florida resident of over thirty years. Being a glutton for punishment is a requirement for residency here. Who am I? I've been called a moonbat by Michelle Malkin, a Right Wing Nut by Daily Kos, and middle of the road by Florida blog State of Sunshine. Tell me what you think.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pardon the mess

I am re-arranging my links section today. If any political, media or Florida bloggers want to be added to my blogroll in exchange for you adding me, Email me at WilliamJE at aol dot com. I'm willing to put on both liberal and conservative blogs as long as you don't engage in conspiracies or hatred. Compare some of the blogs I have on my roll, Captain's Quarters, Professor Bainbridge, American Thinker on the Right, Andrew Sullivan, Huffington Post and Florida Politics on the left.

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