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Friday, July 01, 2005

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer. According to today's Palm Beach Post, Mr. Krischer is offering a prosecutor position to disgraced ex-Judge Howard Berman. Berman resigned his position on the bench while an investigation was on going to substatntiate whether he sexually harassed six women while he was a sitting Jurist.

Mr. Krischer where is your common sense? The man was accused by a now sitting judge on the county bench. Do you mean her accusations are false? If they aren't you're insulting her by having Mr. Berman working in her courtroom one day. Or is this just another sign of the good ole boy network? I mean considering Mr. Berman's track record, his presence in the prosecutor's office is certainly not going to be welcomed by female staffers. That's not going to help morale.

Then there is the simple issue of offering this buffoon a job. Berman resigned in the middle of an investigation before he got his ass canned instead. Says a great deal, and you're ready to give him a job! What kind of image do you want for your office Mr. Krischer? That you hire sickos for prosecutors? That's what it will be if you hire Mr. Berman.

Also I can't help notice Mr. Berman would be sent to Belle Glade. Sounds to me you want him but don't want this disgraced judge to close to your office. What a wonderful message to send to your constituents out in Belle Glade.

It's simple Mr. Krischer. Serve the people who elected you or being a disgraceful knucklehead. It's your choice.

Ex-judge offered prosecutor position even after sexual harassment allegations
By John Pacenti

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Friday, July 01, 2005

WEST PALM BEACH — A circuit judge who resigned four years ago amid sexual harassment allegations may soon be back in court as a prosecutor.

Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer has offered former Judge Howard Berman a job as an assistant state attorney in Belle Glade. Berman was a prosecutor before becoming a judge in 1986.

Berman, who could not be reached Thursday, has not yet accepted the position. He has been working as mediator in civil cases and has been handling some criminal cases involving mentally ill or drug-dependent defendants, Krischer spokesman Mike Edmondson said.

Berman left the bench in 2001 after six women alleged he made unwanted sexual advances both as a jurist and a prosecutor.

Laura Johnson, now a county court judge, has said that when she and Berman were prosecutors, Berman invited her to his home to help with some cases. Johnson told investigators Berman disappeared into his bedroom, then returned carrying cocktails — and wearing nothing but a maid's apron.

Berman's job offer outraged probation officer Terri Parker, who has accused him of sexual harassment. "I think it's an insult to the criminal justice system," Parker said. "It's a slap in the face."

West Palm Beach lawyer Jo Ann Kotzen, another accuser, said she wasn't sure reinstating Berman as a prosecutor was wise.

"I think it's dangerous to give someone authority as a prosecutor who previously resigned in disgrace due to abusing his authority as a judge," she said. "I hope he has gotten counseling and turned his life around."

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