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Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's never about the money or what a load of bull

According to the Sun Sentinel a wrongful death suit has been filed in Broward County by an attorney representing the family of Todd Fatta. Deputy Fatta was killed when he tried to serve a warrant on Kenneth Wilk for posessing child pornography. The Broward County Sheriff's Office and Mr. Wilk are listed as co-defendants in the suit that is asking for no specific amount of damages.

Don't you just love lawyers when they say it's never about the money. Andrew Yaffa who is representing Dep. Fatta's parents said just that. It's all about procedures. What a crock. Mr. Yaffa was right on one thing, no amount of money will bring Todd Yatta back to his family. My condolences to the Yatta family.

BSO sued by family of deputy killed while serving warrants
By Kevin Smith
Staff Writer Posted June 30 2005

The man on the other side of the door was well-armed and wanted to kill a police officer, and the Broward Sheriff's Office knew it, but the agency still sent Deputy Todd Fatta through the door to his death, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

The wrongful-death suit against the Sheriff's Office was filed Tuesday morning in Broward Circuit Court by Fatta's parents. Fatta, 33, died Aug. 19 when he was shot in the chest while serving warrants at the Fort Lauderdale home of Kenneth Wilk, who was later charged with murder. Wilk also is a defendant in the lawsuit.

Attorney Andrew Yaffa said his goal was primarily to identify the mistakes he believed contributed to Fatta's death. The suit didn't specify what damages were sought by Fatta's parents and Yaffa said the truth was more important to the family than money.

"I could offer them 10 million dollars versus five seconds with their son, and they would take the five seconds," Yaffa said. "No amount of money in the world could replace what they have lost."

Sheriff's Office spokesman Jim Leljedal declined to comment on the suit.

Wilk and partner Kelly Ray Jones lived together at the home when Jones was arrested July 15 on child pornography charges. A SWAT team assisted in the arrest because Jones' probation officer told investigators there were guns in the home.

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