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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Missing Eucharist

We're not talking about Sunday mass but this news from the Orlando Sentinel.

ORLANDO - -Holy bread -- considered the body of Christ -- was stolen last week from Good Shepherd Catholic Church, according to the Orlando Police Department.

Entering through an unlocked door late Thursday or early Friday, the burglar broke the Oleander Way church's sacristy, a room holding sacred vessels used to celebrate Mass.

Using a key hanging on the wall, the burglar unlocked the tabernacle, a cabinet containing the wafers of holy bread.

A small, circular glass case of wafers known as the luna was stolen, but not a covered bowl containing consecrated leftovers from the previous communion, according to the police report.

At some point, the burglar pried open the collection box and removed whatever cash it held, the report said.

The church estimated damage at $100 and the value of the missing holy bread and luna at $120.
The thief certainly wasn't there to steal the Body of Christ but the donation money. Whoever he or she was, they'll have to explain their theft to God one day. They better hope he is in a good mood.

Mark Schlueb, Henry Pierson Curtis, Bianca Prieto, Christopher Sherman, April Hunt, Sarah Lundy, Kristen Reed and Rachael Jackson of the Sentinel staff contributed to this report.
Nine employees of the Sentinel staff contributing to a 140 word article. That has to set a record for journalistic overkill.

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