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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stock Car

Some news from South Africa. I love the line at the end of this article. What do you mean no seat belts?

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) — In a bizarre case of overloading, police in rural South Africa on Thursday found two cows and two goats being transported in a car barely large enough for four people.

The car, a blue Fiat Uno, was impounded after police in a town in northern KwaZulu-Natal were tipped off by residents to its unusual passengers, the South African Press Association reported.

Police spokesman Captain Jabulani Mdletshe said that, by the time the two officers had arrived at the given address, the driver had loaded the animals into his vehicle and attempted to speed away.

He eventually stopped the car, which was unable to outrun the police, and fled into nearby bushes, SAPA said.

The animals were handed over to a stock theft unit and police were investigating.

The report did not say if they were wearing seat belts.

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