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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Some news from the Philippines

A Philippine Airlines aircraft overshot a runway and plowed into a tropical forest while landing in a southern city early Friday, injuring 19 passengers and crew, police and the airline said.

The Airbus A320 flight from Manila to Butuan city sustained extensive damage after it came to a halt in a banana and coconut grove, airline spokesman Rolando Estabillo said.

The plane's doors and exits were swung open and emergency slides were deployed.

Nineteen people suffered minor injuries, said police Superintendent Elmer Doyo. Estabillo said the pilot and co-pilot were slightly hurt in the neck and nose and several others were brought to a hospital.

"Some have only anxiety reaction and had themselves checked," Doyo said, adding other injuries included scrapes and bruises.

The plane had 148 passengers and crew.

Estabillo said the airport in Butuan, about 790 kilometers (490 miles) southeast of Manila, was closed until Saturday while the plane and the runway were being inspected.

Butuan airport manager Emmanuel Costelo said the plane's two engines were damaged.
I make a bet there is alot more than just some engine damage. PAL may be able to salvage the plane. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

This crash, which according to Philippine television(TFM has directv and pays for extra for Philippine channels. Ever since we started getting this a year ago, my wife hardly goes a day without watching Wowowee or some Philippine soap opera.) had the A-320 clipping trees as it crashed, reminds me of this crash from the year I got married. Another Philippine airline flight overshot the runway that year also.

Philippine Airlines safety record is fair. On the other hand, their record for being on-time has left a lot to be desired. PAL just doesn't stand for Philippine Alrline but also for 'Plane always late'.

One last note- Butuan is Northeastern Mindanao, not far from my wife's home island of Leyte.

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