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Friday, August 24, 2007

Physical Education loopholes

Beginning this school year Florida public school students in grades kindergarten to fifth are required to get 150 minutes a week of PE each week. How is it working so far?

Crist was stunned, though, when Ellen Smith, a physical education teacher at Gove Elementary School in Belle Glade, told him one school was counting the time it takes students to walk to the cafeteria for lunch as part of the physical education requirement.

"Some principals are like good lawyers," Smith said. "They find loopholes."

She declined to name the school, but Crist said he was looking forward to hearing from her in private.

"I was serious when I asked about what schools we might be able to go visit and encourage good participation," Crist said.
FCAT mania has so overtaken some Florida schools, that I believe Ms. Smith's claims. I do feel Physical Education should be required in Florida public schools, but on the same hand the money needs to be budgeted for the classes. Plus the Florida legislature has to state the requirements quite clearly in the legislation they pass, which they apparently didn't. Well meaning laws that can't be enforced are just plain useless.

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