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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why waste time?

From AP-

TALLAHASSEE -- (AP) -- The state Supreme Court sent to a lower court Thursday a question over whether a proposed property tax initiative can go on the January ballot.

The Supreme Court transferred the proposal to the Circuit Court in Leon County and directed it to quickly consider a petition by Weston Mayor Eric Hersh.

Hersh had asked the state's high court to block the property tax proposal from going on the Jan. 29 ballot, arguing the language in the proposed ballot question was misleading and improperly scheduled for a vote, among other flaws.

The proposed constitutional amendment would give homeowners the choice of keeping their Save Our Homes limit, which caps increases on property taxes at 3 percent a year, or switch to a new ''super exemption'' that would let them drop a large amount from the home's value for purposes of figuring the tax rate.

The Legislature voted to put the question on the ballot. Earlier this week, Hersh asked the Supreme Court to rule on whether the proposal should go on the ballot.

''The transfer of this case should not be construed as an adjudication or comment on the merits of the petition,'' the court wrote in an order transferring the case.

After a lower court ruling on the issue, the matter could simply go up the ladder and end up back at the Supreme Court.
Ultimately the Florida State Supreme Court is going to have to rule, so why pass the buck to a lower court? Those seven Knuckleheads in Tallahassee again show their lack of brains and make the Florida legal system look like a joke.

To read what I think about this legal challenge, click here.

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