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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Some news from China-

BEIJING - China executed the former head of its food and drug watchdog on Tuesday for approving untested medicine in exchange for cash, the strongest signal yet from Beijing that it is serious about tackling its product safety crisis.

The execution of former State Food and Drug Administration director Zheng Xiaoyu was confirmed by state television and the official Xinhua News Agency.

During Zheng's tenure from 1998 to 2005, his agency approved six medicines that turned out to be fake, and the drug-makers used falsified documents to apply for approvals, according to previous state media reports. One antibiotic caused the deaths of at least 10 people.


Zheng, 63, was convicted of taking cash and gifts worth $832,000 when he was in charge of the State Food and Drug Administration.

His death sentence was unusually heavy even for China, believed to carry out more court-ordered executions than all other nations combined, and indicates the leadership's determination to confront the country's dire product safety record.
Dr. Taylor is probably right, the Chinese government is doing so me PR to counteract the questions of food safety when it comes to products from that country. If Zhang's corruption led to people dying as the article mentions, the sentence isn't unreasonable. In South Korea if you're a businessman whose greed causes a department store to collapse killing 500 people, or you're an Illinois politician selling licenses and one of those unqualified drivers kills six children, well you'll get off with little more than a wrist slap. Where do you think justice was served properly?

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