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Monday, July 16, 2007

Get your candidate program here

Dan Moffet at the Palm Beach Post wrote a somewhat amusing column yesterday that had the same title as this post of mine. I'm not a fan of Moffit, he's a former Knucklehead winner who I think is out of his realm as an editorial columnist. Before his current Post job, Dan used to be one of the Post's Sports columnists.

In his column, Dan went down the list of Presidential candidates. I've picked out some of his better or more interesting comments.

Hillary Clinton - The most overexposed person in a nation of 300 million people. Has been in the cross hairs of cable news for more than 15 years. Even Johnny Carson would have made people sick if he'd had a run like this. Sen. Clinton is the Epstein-Barr virus of popular culture.
LOL, very good Dan. I never thought of Hillary in that way.

Barack Obama - Hard to say if the country is really ready to elect a president who was born in Hawaii. Makes you understand why Jack Lord never ran.
Jack Lord wasn't born in Hawaii.

John Edwards - First, there's the hair thing. Then the former North Carolina senator sent out his wife to take on Ann Coulter. If politics is a contact sport, then you must wonder whether Mr. Edwards is up to catching passes over the middle.
Comparing Edwards to a wide receiver. Haven't heard that one before either.

Bill Richardson - The New Mexico governor has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times and never won. Americans can't stand a loser.
True, but Americans aren't too crazy about men who can't keep their hands to themselves either.

Dennis Kucinich - Ohio congressman served as mayor of Cleveland from 1977-79, when it became the first major U.S. city to default on loans since the Depression. Is the country really ready for a president who can't run Cleveland?
LOL, no America isn't ready for President Kucinich. Thanks be to God.

Mike Huckabee - The former Arkansas governor lost 110 pounds before entering the race. Americans won't trust a president who doesn't eat.
Dan left out the word Farmers between American and won't. No farm vote states will go for Huckabee. Maybe Weight Watchers will instead.

Sam Brownback - Currently stands at No. 73 in the U.S. Senate power rankings. It's like Fairleigh Dickinson trying to win the NCAA basketball tournament.
Another sports analogy. Farleigh Dickinson has a better chance than Brownback.

Overall- Pretty good Dan. Too bad you'll be back to writing nonsense in another week.

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