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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Se Ri Pak wins the Jamie Farr last weekend for the fifth time and ties an all-time LPGA record, so who gets on the cover of Golf World this week? Why of course, Phil Mickelson! For losing a playoff in Scotland.

This shouldn't surprise me. When Karrie Webb won the LPGA major the Kraft Nabisco last year, GW chose Mickelson for the cover. Geoff Ogilvy wins the US Open last year. Who's on the cover? Of course Phil Mickelson. Phil Mickelson doesn't even finish in the top 40 at the Bob Hope earlier this year, who's on the cover? Of course Phil Mickelson. Anyone else see a trend?

And what a cover we get. A profile shot of Mickelson's buttocks as he is bending over. This only further proves what I said earlier about the Mickelson obsession up in Connecticut.

Either GW's editors are totally out of touch or they have a secret homosexual crush on Lefty. I think its time for Ron Sirak, Tim Rostaforte, John Hawkins and the rest of the GW team to come clean.
I got nothing against gays and lesbians. What bugs me is how idiotic so called journalists can be when covering a sport and on a weekly basis. The LPGA gives these bozos press credentials, but never to a blogger like myself or others. What a disgrace to the journalism profession the people at Golf World are.

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