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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Support the troops Pahokee style

From the Palm Beach Post-

The notion that Pahokee's public works director was forced to resign because he spent too much time deployed as a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve is totally bogus, city leaders said Tuesday.

In his lawsuit against the city, James Vaughn claims his constant deployment for military service was frowned upon by city leaders. He resigned March 15 rather than risk being fired and losing his retirement benefits, the suit claims. Neither Vaughn nor his attorney could be reached for comment.

But City Manager Lillie J. Latimore said Vaughn was asked to resign because "he did some very bad things."

Latimore declined to elaborate, but said Vaughn "was an unusual person with an unusual personality."

Vaughn was hired in 1994 as a water treatment plant operator, according to the lawsuit.

During his tenure, Vaughn was deployed more than a dozen times for periods ranging from a couple of days to several months, according to the suit.

Up until October, Vaughn's request for leave had not been scrutinized, the lawsuit claims.
This is a case of he said, he said. If Pahokee did force Vaughn to resign, it wouldn't be the first South Florida employer to do so. Read here about Pratt & Whitney, who is even a government contractor.

I'm inclined to believe Vaughn's claim. For the following reason.

Latimore said Vaughn never contacted her and instead left a memo on her desk informing her that he would be deploying.

"I deserve to know that you're going to be out," Latimore said. "A note left on my desk is not adequate notice."
That quote sounds like a personality conflict between Vaughn and Latimore and or someone (Latimore)with a serious bug up their anus. What do you think?

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