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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Google does blopspot

James Joyner at OTB writes-

Terry Oglesby wonders, “Have any of the rest of you noticed a sudden upturn or downturn since mid-April in visitors referred by Google?”

Indeed, I have, aon both OTB Prime and Gone Hollywood (although, oddly, OTB Sports is seeing its highest traffic ever).

Terry’s suspicion, that “Google had redone their search protocols to highlight or otherwise favor Blogger/Blogspot blogs (that they now control),” is unlikely. Indeed, they bought up the Blogspot blogs about two weeks into my blogging career, back on February 17, 2003!

I disagree with James. Google has to have put in place some filter or algorithym that favors blogspot. Here's how I prove it.

Two weeks ago I blogged on the funeral of Mary Karen Read, one of the Virginia Tech students that was killed. The same post and title were used in cross posts to Bullwinkle Blog and TFM's mirror site(A WP blog).

Now do a google search for the words- Mary Karen Read funeral.

My blogspot blog is #1 on page one of google search results. TFM mirror and Bullwinkle don't make the first eight pages of search results. I stopped at page eight.

If google doesn't give preference to blogspot blogs, I'm a monkey's Uncle.

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