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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

VP Cheney and the mindless babbling of the MSM

It didn't take 48 hours since the announcement of VP Cheney having a blood clot for someone in the MSM to speculate about his resignation.

Dick Cheney has been diagnosed with a blood clot in his left leg, leading to speculation he will be forced to resign as U.S. Vice-President.

The 66-year-old has a history of major health problems, including four heart attacks, and has undergone quadruple-bypass surgery.

He is a driving force in both the war in Iraq and the 'war on terror' and his resignation would be a huge loss to George Bush.

The vice-president is the leader of Washington's neo-conservatives and is believed to be a dominant influence on Mr Bush's military and foreign policies.
Is this article about the VP's health or politics?

He is also believed to be the president's closest political friend.
Gee 290 million people just learned something new. NOT!

There has been widespread speculation that if Mr Cheney is unable to complete his term in office through ill health he will be replaced by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, another personal friend of Mr Bush.
Yes and its all been done by the media. No one in the Bush administration has ever hinted VP Cheney will step down.

Mr Cheney called in a doctor yesterday after suffering 'discomfort' in his calf.

'An ultrasound test revealed a deep venous thrombosis or blood clot in his left lower leg,' said an official report. The vice-president has been put on blood thinning medication and has returned to work.
The medication is called Warfarin or Coumadin. TFM has more than a passing acquaintance with these medications.

A filter can also be placed in Cheney's body to prevent the clots from going to the lungs. That was done with me in 2005, it is called inferior vena cava or Greenfield filter.

While the White House is trying to play down the situation, the condition is obviously serious and will again trigger speculation that Mr Cheney could be forced to resign through poor health.

Again the press is the only one speculating. Why didn't someone sign off on this piece of crap article? I'd be ashamed to admit I wrote this total piece of ignorance.

Blood clots that form deep in the legs can become killers if they break off and float into the lungs.

This is called a pulmonary embolism.
I been there. It happened in August 2005 to me. I was home by myself and could barely breathe or move. My wife after coming home called the paramedics and I began a 10 day hospital stay. Four of those days were spent in the ICU.

How bad is a PE. One morning I was trying to eat breakfast and had to catch my breath when doing so. My pulse ox was barely hitting 90 even with me getting 100% oxygen for a few days.

The vice-president is under enormous stress as his policies in Iraq continue to fail and casualty figures mount.
More repeating of the obvious.

He returned last week from a trip that included unannounced stops in Afghanistan and Pakistan and during which a Taliban suicide bomber tried to kill him.

Since he got back, Mr Cheney has been sharply criticising the opposition Democrats for trying to restrict funds for President Bush's troop build-up in Iraq.

The President relies on him heavily not just to formulate policy but also as an 'attack dog' to take on domestic critics.
Ditto again and I'm not just sure why this article was even written except to repeat the usual left talking points and attacks on the VP. TFM has been critical about the War on Terror and the war in Iraq, and I don't always support the administration.

It is well known I'm a loose cannon in the conservative blogosphere. Read this post for further evidence.

There is speculation that the 65 hours Mr Cheney spent in the air aboard Air Force Two over the nine-day trip could have contributed to his thrombosis.

'When you're just sitting there with your legs hanging down for long periods of time, that's what predisposes you to the problem,' said Sean O'Donnell, chief of vascular surgery of Washington Hospital Centre.
Excuse me Dr. O'Donnell, VP Cheney is not your average flyer. He flies on government planes, not in a cramped commercial airliner. He can put up his legs as much as needed. So please get your head out of your rear end!

That goes for whoever in the MSM wrote this nonsense too. TFM who never got a college degree can be smarter than a vascular surgeon. Who would have thought it? LOL.

Note- I wrote this post with my legs up the entire time. If I can do it, Cheney can.

Hat tip- James Joyner at OTB
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