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Monday, March 26, 2007

Geographically challenged

I've never been a fan of Mark Steyn. His few appearances on television have made him come over as bombastic rather than well informed. What my wife refers to as 'An empty can is noisy'. That has largely turned me off from reading his columns. TFM's favorite conservative columnist by a mile is the Washington Post's, Charles Krauthammer.

Back to Steyn, he seems a bit confused to me in the following column.

When Anna Nicole meets an untimely end in the Caribbean, there's 24/7 coverage.
When did Ms. Smith's death transfer from Florida to the Caribbean? Florida is not considered part of the Caribbean. Just go and check out an encyclopedia or one of the many websites listing travel to Florida and the Caribbean separately.

Either Mark Steyn needs some geography lessons, or TFM missed Florida's seceding from the union.

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