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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Florida the rules are different here Chapter LXXVIII

Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well two days ago a new Florida blog, authored by someone calling himself 7zero, made it's first ever post.

Welcome to “The Rules Are Different Here…” The name of this blog is based on a 1980’s tourism slogan designed to attract visitors to Florida. If you live in Miami or South Florida, I’m sure you’ve noticed that things in this part of the world don’t always conform to established social or societal norms.

Almost three years after logging into Blogger, I’ve taken the plunge into the blogosphere. They say there are three stages in a bloggers life.
1) You lurk and read.
2) You comment on other people’s blogs.
3) You start your own blog.
We could add a fourth part to the above.

4) Imitate or steal another blogger's posting ideas.
Regular TFM readers know I have a recurring series of posts titled. 'Florida the rules are different here'. Since the inception of TFM in May 2005, I've done 77 chapters of this post. The most recent post is here.

I did explain once how I came up with this recurring post and explained it in the comment section over at Right in Florida. Unfortunately I can't find the post.

It did say it came from the same 1980's song, and a song parody the late talk show host Lee Fowler used to run in the 1990's. The parody went something like this.

'Welcome to South Florida, the rules are different here.
The government is broke
Hey that's just a joke
come back and spend money next year.

In South Florida they pay morality cops
to go to porno theatres every day
Hey what a great way
to receive your daily pay

And welcome to south Florida
A drive by shooting may cost you your life.
I left a comment at the blog for 7zero. He replied back to me this morning.

Bill, I didn't mean to "steal your line", apologies if you're offended.

I chose the name because as a Miami native, I've noticed how everyrthing here is just, well, done differently.

When odd things happen in this state or city, all of my out of state friends call me up and ask me what's up with Florida. Then, I tell them the truth...the rules are indeed different here.

Thanks again for the comments, I appreciate them.
Explanation accepted and no offense taken. That's as long as 7zero doesn't steal my posts or material. (Can anyone be that desperate? LOL) and puts me on his blogroll. All is well in the South Florida. For now.

Isn't this a great state or what?

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