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Monday, January 08, 2007

OJ vs Paris

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that Dolphin owner Wayne Huizenga went to Costa Rica on Saturday. That's where the USC coach is on vacation.

The Dolphins have added Southern California coach Pete Carroll to their list of head-coaching candidates, a source said Sunday, and team officials might already have talked to Carroll.

Carroll, according to a Los Angeles Daily News report, is on vacation in Costa Rica, and a plane owned by Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga was in Costa Rica on Saturday.

Huizenga's plane, which has a Dolphins logo on its tail, was used to take the owner to interviews in Atlanta, San Diego, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

The Dolphins interviewed six candidates on Thursday and Friday: former Atlanta Falcons coach Jim Mora, Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey, San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, Chicago Bears coordinators Ron Rivera (defense) and Ron Turner (offense), and Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.

Messages left for Carroll's representatives were not returned.

Carroll, 55, recently completed his sixth season as head coach of the Trojans. He has a 65-12 record and has led USC to two consecutive national championships.

Before heading to the college ranks, Carroll was an NFL head coach with the New York Jets (1994) and New England Patriots (1997-99), compiling a 33-31 regular-season record, 34-33 overall.

I've been sick for four days(and am still not 100%) and during that time I got to watch lots of television. One sports commentator dismissed the idea of Carroll returning to the pros. One reason being the coach would be dealing with prima donnas rather than college recruits. Plus Carroll could tell potential USC Trojans that an a former USC QB dated Paris Hilton. I guess Carroll doesn't use as a sales pitch the story of a former USC RB and Heisman trophy winner who one June 1994 night.....

Ok, I'm losing my mind and it has nothing to do with the antibiotics I'm taking. I wouldn't mind Carroll on the Dolphin sideline next fall but something tells me he likes the college ranks. Pete has had a taste of the Pros and Miami is in for a rebuilding project. For what possible reason would Carroll leave USC for Miami? Miami doesn't need so much a head coach with a winning record, as one who is good at evaluating talent. Look at the top Dolphin draft selections dating back to 1996. Miam's record is terrible and this has to be reversed.

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