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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Trenton Duckett news

The search for the missing two-year-old Florida boy continues.

The disappearance of 2-year-old Trenton Duckett continues to remain a mystery. The toddler disappeared August 27th, almost four months ago.

Trenton's father Josh Duckett says despite the lack of progress in the case, he and his family continue to hold out hope, and as a sign of faith will celebrate Christmas as though his son were there with them.

His family has put presents for Trenton under the tree, and decorated the house just like every other year. Josh is asking anyone who knows where his Trenton is to return him home safely.

"we just want him back," Josh said. "No questions asked. You can drop him off at a fire department, hospital, anywhere. No questions asked."

Josh hopes by next Christmas, Trenton will be home to open his gifts.
I hope Josh gets his wish but after four months it is easy to be pessimistic. Continue to pray for this boy and his family.

There is also news regarding the lawsuit filed against CNN and Nancy Grace.

TAVARES - A wrongful death lawsuit filed against CNN's Nancy Grace, claiming she pushed the mother of a missing toddler to suicide through aggressive questioning on her talk show, has been moved to federal court.

The case was moved from Circuit Court in the Lake County seat of Tavares to U.S. District Court in Ocala, according to a notice of removal filed Dec. 20.

Lawyers for Grace and Atlanta-based CNN asked that the case be transferred to federal court, a move allowed when opposing parties in a lawsuit reside or are headquartered in different states. The provision ensures a state court will not be biased in favor of a party from its own state.

The lawsuit stems from a contentious interview on Sept. 7 in which Grace questioned Melinda Duckett about the reported disappearance of her 2-year-old son. Duckett committed suicide at her grandparents' home the day after the interview.

Filed by relatives of Melinda Duckett, the lawsuit seeks unspecified punitive damages as well as a court order preventing the show on which Duckett appeared from being re-aired.
If I had to guess, it will be some years before any trial starts. An out of court settlement is also a possibility but that's a long way off too.

I still don't think much of a lawsuit. The Eubanks lost a child, so have I. I understand the pain. Grace's behavior was reprehensible, but Melinda Duckett is ultimately responsible for what she did. She made the choice to take her life.

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