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Saturday, December 30, 2006


From the Sun-Sentinel-

A South Florida lawsuit that seeks to temporarily block deportations of immigrants with children who are U.S. citizens was given a chance to go forward Friday.

The lawsuit argues that U.S.-born children are deprived of their civil rights when authorities send their undocumented parents to their home countries. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates there are 3.1 million children in that situation nationally.

Although U.S. District Judge Paul Huck dismissed the original complaint, he gave lawyers until Jan. 16 to fine-tune their case and resubmit it.

Initially filed in Miami federal court in October, the case is supported by local immigrant advocates.


Since Sandigo filed the suit in October, more than 100 families from across the United States have added their names to the roster of potential plaintiffs.

The court case, seen by some experts as a long shot, coincides with growing frustration over illegal immigration in the United States and with renewed efforts to pass an immigration overhaul in Congress. The case pins its chances for success on the possibility legislators will revive a Senate plan to grant legal status to 8 million undocumented immigrants.
The parents broke the law, for which the US government has every right to punish them. Children born in the US of illegal aliens, and what I'll say is unpopular, are innocents in this story. This country has always considered itself just and compassionate. Separating families doesn't match that image.

However the anti-illegal immigrants crowd see nothing wrong with breaking up families. Funny most of the same bloggers don't believe in abortion and supported Terry Schiavo. It all depends on their definition of 'family'. Truthfully taking a child from their parents leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I bet it does for most people. A comment like that is sure to draw fire from the Conservative blogosphere, but I'm not alone in espousing a sane or family friendly immigration policy for the US. James Joyner at OTB, Steven Taylor at Poliblog and The Professor at Right Wing Nation do also.

I guess we can let the children stay and put them up for adoption. State Children Services do such wonderful work. Rather what needs to be done is accept the fact we can't deport all the illegals here presently. The country doesn't have the backbone for it or the manpower. No sensible politician is advocating it either, for the attempt will be ugly. Where are you going to put t hem before deportation? How about the fact that no country can be made to take people back if they don't wish?

TFM sees the deportation of all illegals in this country as unrealistic. Enforce our borders, yes but legalize who we have here. Yes they're lawbreakers, but tell me who out there isn't? Do everyone of you report every cent of income you make? That office football pool you won is considered gambling income by the IRS. Do you never speed? Let he who is without sin.....

None of what I said above is going to convince the zealots out there but ask yourself this. Is the breaking up of families what America stands for?

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