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Saturday, October 07, 2006


The former Philippine first lady, Imelda Marcos, is back in the news.

MANILA (AFP) - Former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos wept after a court acquitted her of graft charges, though many more cases against her are still pending.

Marcos, 76, broke down in tears when the verdict was read in the special anti-corruption court known as the Sandiganbayan.

The court ruled that her presence in 1977 on the board of a non-profit foundation that did consultancy work for the now defunct human settlements ministry, which she headed, did not constitute corruption.

The graft case is one of more than 500 civil and criminal suits filed against the former first family and the estate of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, who was toppled in a bloodless coup in 1986.

The Marcoses are accused of embezzling up to 10 billion dollars from state coffers during their 20 years in power.
Over twenty years after being removed from power and the Philippine courts are still trying to put Imelda Marcos in jail. By this time is it even worth the effort?

Imelda is 76 years old and I bet she never spends a day in jail between now and the day she dies. Corruption in the Philippine politics is rampant, what makes you think the legal system is any better.

Note- Imelda's hometown of Talosa is less than one hour from where my Philippine in-laws live. My youngest brother-in-law Leoncio, played piano at a few of Imelda's parties back in the 80's.

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