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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Knuckleheads of the Day award

Today's winners are Kris and Sarah Everson. They get the award for their faking a sextuplets pregnancy in order to enrich themselves.

What a pair of dumb losers. Didn't they ever think someone would ask where the babies are? So many people fell for the Everson's hoax, including a newspaper reporter. This in spite of Ms. Everson claiming a multiples pregnancy in the past that proved to be a hoax.

These idiots also did harm to real HOM parents. Some HOM parents need help with their families. Many kind people come forward. Now because of Sarah and Kris Everson such volunteers may become harder to find.

For defrauding their neighbors, Kris and Sarah Everson are today's Knuckleheads of the Day.

Florida Cracker is also blogging on this topic. Donnah I'll steal your toner story.
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A Grain Valley couple could be facing felony charges after their hoax was exposed Tuesday night.

Kris and Sarah Everson admitted to police they made up a story about giving birth to sextuplets to get money for bills.

Police Chief Aaron Ambrose said he'd been receiving calls for about a week as word about the sextuplets spread through Grain Valley. Ambrose said people were seeking advice on whether to donate.

The couple's story fell apart after The Examiner reported on Monday that the Eversons claimed they had six babies March 8. Fundraisers for the couple and the babies have been ongoing for the past several weeks.

The couple's former landlord went to police Tuesday with letter, written by Sarah, stating five babies were born in December.

"Then, we really wanted to know what was going on," Ambrose said. "We did know people had been donating money to them."

Police went to the couple's duplex, but Sarah would not come out. Later the couple went to the police station, and Ambrose said they admitted within an hour to the hoax.

"They said they needed money to pay bills, unfortunately," Ambrose said. "What they're doing is stealing. They're stealing by deceit."

Neither Sarah nor Kris Everson would talk to The Examiner Tuesday. Sarah was twice reached by phone, but each time said she would call back later. She was later approached at her duplex in Grain Valley, but said she would have no comment. They did not return calls this morning.

After hearing about the story Monday, some past friends and co-workers accused Sarah Everson of making it all up, and said she has a history of doing so.

Helen Brown, Everson's former boss at Clem's Drive-In in Independence, said she and co-workers didn't believe Everson was ever pregnant. "She's been pregnant 10 times since we've known her," said Brown, manager at Clem's.

Everson worked at Clem's, Brown said, for about six or eight months and told her co-workers she was expecting quintuplets and called around Christmas to say she had the babies.

In January, Brown said, Sarah came by the restaurant with a list of five babies' names and weights. The weights were different than the weights Everson gave to Blue Springs philanthropists trying to provide assistance for the family.

This isn't the first time Everson has claimed to be pregnant with multiples. David Raasch knew Everson through Maywood Baptist Church in Independence and remembers a time five or six years ago when she said she was having at least six babies.

Raasch said he and his wife frequently had dinner with Everson and her then-husband. He said Everson even provided sonogram pictures of the multiple babies.

"We were surprised and believed her fully," Raasch said, adding church members started gathering food for her. "Then we were told she had miscarried all the babies."

After the alleged miscarriage, Raasch said, his wife received a few messages from Everson, who eventually stopped attending the church. Raasch said neither he nor his wife has heard from Everson since then.

The Examiner was shown pictures of Everson pregnant, and also of sonograms of babies, though there was no access given to doctors or a hospital. The Eversons told a story that they had to keep that information to themselves because of a gag order issued by a judge because of a legal dispute with relatives.

The Examiner ran Monday's article after Debbie Whisler, past chair of the Community Services League, went to the University of Kansas Medical Center and said she confirmed birth of the babies. Tuesday, however, representatives of KU Medical Center denied that Everson gave birth to any babies there.

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