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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Keep the nude woman, fire the lawyer

You got to love stories like this out of Florida. A DCF worker posed nude on the Howard Stern show. Now Alison Cushman may lose her job.

WEST PALM BEACH — Department of Children and Families supervisors say they will fire a child abuse investigator who took off her clothes on the Howard Stern show.

When she came into work Monday, Alison Cushman received a letter that says she has 10 days to respond before losing her job.

Cushman first got naked in an appearance on Stern's radio show in February 2005. Nearly a year later, fellow state employees saw Cushman on a televised replay. Those workers said Cushman identified herself as a child abuse investigator for the state of Florida on the show, according to state records.

When Cushman's bosses found out about the 2005 incident two months ago, they warned her that she was one step from being fired for "conduct unbecoming a public employee."

"You admitted to the behavior and apologized for not exercising good judgement," interim DCF District Administrator Deborah Fenstermaker wrote.

But Cushman returned to the show April 4 on a trip to New York with her new husband, Boynton Beach police Detective Troy Raines. Photos of her naked are posted on Stern's Web site.

Although Cushman was on vacation at the time of her appearance, state employees are warned that they can get in trouble for conduct both on and off the job, DCF spokeswoman Marilyn Muñoz said.

Cushman, 31, was hired by the DCF in 2003 after working as a probation officer, an investigator for the public defender and a social worker helping mentally ill people.

TFM quips only an insane person would pose nude for Stern! If you want more details on this, read this Sun-Sentinel story.

Ms. Cushman was even the subject of a Post editorial today.

Ms. Cushman, a child-abuse investigator in Palm Beach County, twice has shed her clothes in the radio studios of Howard Stern, most recently last week. How is it possible to appear nude on the radio?

Imagination Randy, Imagination! I stopped looking at nude women long ago with the exception of my wife. After a while all of them but my sweetheart started to look alike.

This story is beyond preposterous. DCF can do whatever they please with Ms. Cushman. If DCF were going to get its act together, they should start with this person. What's more of a threat to people of Florida? A nude social worker or a incompetent lawyer who lets a child get killed?

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