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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Piece of cake?

With one round to go, Sarah Lee leads the LPGA Safeway International by one shot over Aree Song. If Song or Lee wins, it will be their first tour victory ever.

Sarah Lee? Actually her birth name is Jung Yeon Lee, but Jung changed her name to Sarah in 2005. The South Korean golfer was born in London England and was known by the name Sarah till moving back to the ROK with her parents at age 4. Alan Tays of the Palm Beach Post writes-

"At the time, my Mom's English tutor named me," she said last week. "So that actually was my original name."

Tay's column went on to talk about how Ju Kim changed her name to Birdie. Then it returned to why Sarah made the name change.

Similiarly, Lee wanted to separate herself from the other four LPGA Lees, two of which, Jee Young and Ji Yeon, share her first initials.

"SYou can see many J.Y. Lee here," Lee said. "Right now, it's already three."

But there's only one Sarah Lee, so identifying her should be a piece of cake.

I agree. Whether Sarah's first win will like that, we may find out today. Good luck to both Aree and Sarah. Get that Rolex.

If Aree or Sarah does win today, that will mark the third win in four events for a golfer from South Korea. Annika Sorrenstam took the other. Currently Annika is tied for 53rd and 13 shots back going into the final round. We can safely assume she is not going to win today.

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