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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More Florida Democratic Party bungling

The Democrats are out of power in Florida. With the exception of US Senator Bill Nelson, Republicans hold all almost all major offices in this state. The GOP also holds an over 2-1 edge in seats in both the State House and Senate.

And with party Chairmen like this, you don't wonder why the Democrats are in disarray in Florida. Now here comes the latest example of ineptitude thanks to Blogger Peer Review.

Rod Smith, a candidate for Governor sent me this email today:

Rod Smith would be harder [for Republicans] to beat than Jim Davis"
--Former Republican Governor Mel Martinez

Over the weekend, former Republican Governor Mel Martinez gave his handicap on the 2006 Gubernatorial General Election:

"Rod Smith would be harder to beat than Jim Davis,"


This is our last quarter of 2005--let's show the Republicans that we won't back down, that we're ready to win in 2006!

Happy Holidays--we can't wait for 2006!

Paul NeavilleCampaign Manager
Rod Smith for Governor

It would be nice if a Democratic candidate for governor would hire a campaign manager who actually knew something about Florida Political History. The person being quoted is former Florida Governor Bob Martinez(elected in 1986 and defeated for re-election in 1990. Sorry Peer Review you goofed on the years. Its not 84-88), not current US Senator Mel Martinez who has never been Governor.

I don't think much of Smith to start with. Congressman Jim Davis is the Democrats best hope next year, but unless Gallagher-Crist gets too bloody I don't see the Republicans losing the Florida Governor's race in 2006.

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