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Sunday, November 06, 2005

NYT Forgets Dems Said There Were WMD

I never bought the WMD crap. I figured if Saddam Hussein had him, he would use them. But then again, what do I know? Bill Clinton assured us in 1998 that Saddam had them. Ted Kennedy said it. Jimmy Carter said it. Hillary Clinton said it. Robert C. Byrd even said we had a list somewhere of the chemical weapons that were sold by American businesses -- even though Saddam was a Soviet client.

Funny, none of them seem to remember that. Now they just say George Bush made it all up.
And MSM lets the Democrats get away with their lies about Iraq. It was not just about WMD. It was about terrorism and Saddam ignoring 16 UN resolutions.
The NYT -- whose Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Judy Miller assured the world there were WMD -- reported repeated today the Democratic charges.
It is more wolf crying by people who should be glad there are no WMD. Those who continue to insist the war was "wrong" are in my opinion Saddam's accomplices after the fact. Give it up. We went there legally and under UN authority.
Eleanor Clift bleats the company line: Impeachment.
Dick Polman points out the eerie parallel to George Romney saying he was duped about the Vietnam War: He immediately plummeted in the polls. Americans want leaders who are not dupes.

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