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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Get over it Braylon

There is an article in today's Sun-Sentinel about Cleveland Brown receiver Braylon Edwards. The Miami Dolphins play Cleveland this coming Sunday.

Edwards claims the Dolphins talked to him last April. It was on or before NFL draft day and Miami had the number two pick. The phone call made Edwards think he would be the number two pick in the draft. Miami Dolphin coach Nick Saban denies having a conversation with Edwards or his agent.

Miami took Ronnie Brown from Auburn with the #2 pick. Edwards says he don't carry a grudge but feels he was lied to.

What a whining crybaby. He was picked #3 plus gets a multi-year multi-million dollar contract but can't get over being number two. Plus he is upset about his lack of playing time. Grow up Braylon!

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DAVIE -- Although Browns rookie receiver Braylon Edwards said he holds no grudges toward the Dolphins organization for not drafting him last April, he still believes he was lied to.

"I believe at the time -- this was fresh off the draft [and] fresh off being told that they were going to take me," Edwards said Wednesday, referring to a phone call from the Dolphins on the morning of the April 23 draft.

"So at that time I still had that in the back of my head that they told me one thing and did another. We call that lying."

Edwards, the recipient of the Fred Biletnikoff Award for the top college receiver in the nation last year at Michigan, was taken third by the Browns, right after the Dolphins picked Auburn running back Ronnie Brown. The 49ers had taken Utah quarterback Alex Smith at No. 1.

In the days leading to the draft, rumors were flying regarding the Dolphins' desire to take Edwards and then trading him down for more picks to possibly the Vikings, who were in the market for a receiver after trading Randy Moss.

Browns coach Romeo Crennel just chuckled Wednesday when asked if he believed the Dolphins' bluff over taking Edwards instead of Brown. The two teams meet Sunday in Cleveland.

"I think they used me as a pawn in the things that they were trying to do. It happens," said Edwards, who despite missing two games with an infection in his elbow leads all rookies with 294 receiving yards and yards per catch -- 17.3 yards on 17 receptions.

Dolphins coach Nick Saban, who was working closely with former General Manager Rick Spielman during the predraft process, said they had narrowed their pick to three players: Edwards, Brown and Smith.

However, Saban insists that he didn't have any direct conversations with Edwards or his agent, Lamont Smith, and didn't know who he was going to pick until draft-day morning. Smith didn't return calls this week.

"I apologize to anybody that was misled by anyone in this organization who made that comment," Saban said. "I could only say that I didn't make it, and I could only take responsibility and apologize for our organization if that did occur."

Edwards has only started two games and is part of a three-way rotation that includes veteran Dennis Northcutt and Antonio Bryant. Earlier this week, Edwards expressed his frustration over his limited role.

"I'm tired of being around when I know I can make a play and not being able to make that play. I can make plays. That's why I was drafted," Edwards told the Cleveland media Monday. "Sooner or later, they've got to give me a chance to do that."

Crennel said Edwards needs to be patient.

"Braylon's a young player, and he's used to being on a winning team and he's used to being the guy, the playmaker that they go to and depend on.

"So he's a little frustrated by the fact that we're losing and that he is not quite the go-to guy.

"We're not disappointed with him on the field, and him venting off the field, we'll coach him up on that a little bit also."

Edwards' father, Stan, a former NFL player, confirmed the draft-day call from the Dolphins, but said that is no longer a factor.

"If you pick somebody third, then find out if they're a failure or not," Stan Edwards said. "They need to go back to his college film and see that he's a 7-foot high jumper with a freakish sense of timing when in the air, and he could bench-press 225 pounds 31 times, so he's not going to get the ball taken away."

Braylon Edwards said in June he had circled Sunday's date between the two 3-6 teams as a means of motivation, but now is only concerned with winning.

"It has gotten to the point where I've moved on and I put that out of my head," he said. "This game isn't about revenge."

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