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Monday, November 21, 2005

Annika, Soo Yun, and the end of the golf year

That's Soo Yun Kang teeing off the 2nd tee yesterday at the ADT Championship. I was following her group which consisted of Kang and fellow South Korean Hee Won Han.

I remember when this photo was taken. There were several photographers in the area and I heard the shutter clicking shortly after Soo Yun's tee shot. I think Soo Yun lives up to her nickname in South Korea, 'The fashion model of the fairways'.

It is Monday now and the LPGA tour has left town, their season completed for 2005. I had an enjoyable time out at Trump International yesterday following Kang and Han play and walking all 18 holes. I almost didn't go because of heavy overnight rains we had here in South Florida. So much so I questioned whether the women would even play yesterday but they did. The tee times were only delayed ten or so minutes and after a hasty exit from my house I got to the course just in time to follow the women. It did rain briefly at the opening of the round but became a bright and sunny Florida day by the back nine.

Also there yesterday were Mayor Lois Frankel of West Palm Beach. She seems to have really enjoyed her play with Soo Yun in Wednesday's Pro-am. We talked a little but about golf not politics. Also in the gallery were Hee Won Han's husband and Sarah Kang, sister to Soo Yun. We had a few others in the gallery for all 18 holes but small enough to fit all in tournament courtesey bus. Maybe next year we should come prepared with t-shirts saying Kang's Gang.

Soo Yun played well finishing second behind the winner, Annika Sorrenstam. Annika winning her tenth tournament of the year by two shots. Congratulations Annika, now let the other ladies have a chance next year. Ok? ;)

This also marks the end of all professional golf for 2005. Now I must go through six weeks of withdrawal before the 2006 season begins with the PGA Tour in Hawaii. There is what Golf World calls Silly season, but I've never cared for gimmick events.

Barring some off course news this will be my last golf post of 2005.

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