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Sunday, October 16, 2005

What if they had an election and nobody ran

A town in Idaho is facing just that. Does that mean taxpayers get a rebate on their taxes since there are no salaries to pay? Open Post- What Attitude Problem

OAKLEY, Idaho - Municipal elections are coming up, but this city in southern Idaho has no candidates.

Oakley has two city council vacancies to fill in November, but no one has filed the papers to be placed on the ballot, and the deadline for write-in candidacy is fast approaching.

Mayor Garth Greenwell said he hoped somebody would come forward. If nobody does, the two council seats will remain vacant, and on Jan. 1 Greenwell will work with the rest of the council to appoint someone to fill each vacancy, attorney Steve Tuft said.

"Even if there is not enough council members to constitute a quorum, government cannot be shut down," Tuft said. "So it will be up to the remaining council members and the mayor to appoint someone if no election is held in November."

Idaho law regarding write-in candidates recently changed. In past years, voters could just write a name on the ballot, but now write-in candidates must declare their desire to run before the election, said City Clerk Beckie Clark. The deadline for those candidates is Oct. 25.

"There is nothing in the Idaho Code that says an election can be canceled, but it would be senseless to hold one with nothing on the ballot," said Idaho State Elections Superintendent Tim Hurst. "I would hope the mayor and council are out looking for people to file so the city does not give up its opportunity for an election."

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