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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Harriet Miers, a pro view

Hurricane Katrina er, Rita um, Wilma has chased the host away. Florida Masochist turned to the hills to look for a guest poster. How many hurricanes, he figured could there be in Putnam County, West Virginia.

Exactly one. Yea, it is a town of 1,200 people (or as we call it in Putnam "the big city") and is pronounce Hurri-cun.
So what does a guest post do? I figure I give you a taste of what I have at my blog Don Surber:
Hey, Truth Laid Bear, I support the Miers nomination.

As a supporter of Harriet Miers, I wrote a long response to George Will's screed of intolerance toward anything Miers. "Perfect perversity" and "cannot be dignified as arguments" and "reveal a deficit of constitutional understanding" and "gross misunderstanding of conservatism" and "masquerading as its defenders" -- and that was just the first paragraph.

But why respond in kind? He raises one good point about reversing Roe as judicial activism. But Miers is silent on Roe as every judicial nominee must be. It comes down to trusting Bush. I say let the antis rant and watch some football this afternoon.
The rest is here.

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