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Friday, October 14, 2005

Back to the oncologist

I went back to Dr. Rothschild today. The news was good but a bit was a little weird.

The Pet scan showed no hot spots or places for concern anywhere in my body.The adrenals were fine, mine may as the doctor said just irregularly shaped. He wants me to have another MRI to 3 months to compare with my August MRI

.The radiologist wrote in his report impression #1 -No definite areas of abnormal uptake of activity suggestive of recurrentneoplastic disease are identified.

So I can say what Dizzy Dean said. "They xrayed my head and found nothing."

Now the weird news. I've had a fractured ankle for 2.5 months! Back in late July if you recall I slipped outside my house, went to the ER the next morning and had x-rays. They said nothing was broken, both the doctor at JFK hospital and aorthopedic doctor I saw outside the hospital about 5 days after my slip.

My pet scan however said- Abnormal uptake of activity about the right ankle is shownto correspond to fractures, particularly along the posterior aspect of theright distal tibial.

In other words I been walking up to 2 miles a day on a fractured ankle! I go for one or two walks a day measuring either a .75 of a mile or 1.1 miles.Depending on weather, what time I get up etc.

Overall the news today was a big relief for me, the wife and the family today. Maybe I should give the doctor at JFK and the orthopedic one of my knucklehead awards. LOL, I'm in a good mood so I think I'll spare them.

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